SloMoCo @ SLSA 2021 - SloMoCo
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SloMoCo is a three-season durational event-experiment sponsored by MOCO (Movement and Computing). Since 2014, the International Conference on Movement and Computing has gathered artist- and research-practitioners working in the computational study, modelling, representation, segmentation, recognition, classification, or generation of corporeal movement. Throughout three phases (Spring, Summer, and Fall 2021), SloMoCo temporally explodes the conference as a site of knowledge production, refiguring it as an experimental lab for cybernetically informed learning-making structurations and telematically mediated field practice. In addition to presentations, performances, and workshops, this Spring we hosted three cohorts of micro-residency groups and an (a/)synchronous provocations discussion with its own iterative rhythm.

SloMoCo will host three public seminar + presentation events in the Summer phase. Each event will be animated by a unique problematic that brings to bear questions of mutual interest to SLSA/MOCO communities. SloMoCo Organizers will facilitate discussion stocked with readings, art and performance works, etc. supplied by SloMoCo committee, and microresidents. Each seminar will feature an invited guest scholar-practitioner as collaborator on the seminar form. The three (longer) Spring events correspond to our three (shorter) ArtLounges that repeat the problematics with a difference. To this end, we hope to remix ordering, bring in new SloMoCo community members where appropriate, and fold in the SLSA communities by releasing a micro-CFP to SLSA/SloMoCo for new creative, critical, performative, or speculative contributions.

Art Lounges

SloMoCo Art Lounge #1: Media Arts’ Loss(y) and Found Futures

Chair: Jessica Rajko

SloMoCo Art Lounge #2: Living Code & Sharing Abundance

Chair: Megan Young

SloMoCo Art Lounge #3: Transduction and a General Economy of Computational and Embodied Energetics

Chair: Lisa Jamhoury