Touch Experiment // Selwa Sweidan + Nina Sarnelle - SloMoCo
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Touch Experiment // Selwa Sweidan + Nina Sarnelle

TOUCH EXPERIMENTS MICRO-RESIDENCY, Nina Sarnelle + Selwa Sweidan What is touch in the context of a year of selective, high stakes touching? What shifts when we read the body in kin, or the touch-body, through the lens of matter and making? TOUCH EXPERIMENTS is a micro-residency exploring the sense and act of touch. It is an experience that happens for, with, and in the body. The TOUCH EXPERIMENTS micro-residency concludes with a workshop expanding how touch may become part of a/synchronous screen-mediated community. This workshop is an improvisational and physical exploration of touch as an artistic medium and aesthetic gesture. Remotely-together, we will investigate the potential of this intimate and affective medium. Image Credit – Left: Touch-base workshop by Nina Sarnelle; right: “Make a Baby” by lucky dragons. Photos by Nina Sarnelle.